What are off-road activities?

    Off-roading is driving a vehicle (a 4x4 or motorbike) over rough terrain. The vehicles are adapted for this terrain, with the ability to tackle bumps and dips in the terrain, making for a fun ride. SUVs, motorbikes, trucks or some specially-equipped ATVs are used for their size and power.

    What sized land area would be suitable?

    Anything in a rural area ranging from 100 up to 1000 acres.

    Who manages the off-road activities?

    In Townsville, there are a range of different clubs who coordinate events and their members. All members are required to acquire and maintain relevant recreational licenses, liability insurances and club membership. 

    What type of events do clubs run?

    Local clubs coordinate events such as:

    • learn to ride/drive days
    • group drives & social family day trail rides
    • enduro style competitions.