Will Townsville lose tourists by introducing a fee at the 6 campgrounds in the northern beaches?

    At present, outside Townsville there are no other free beachfront campsites with facilities (toilets, bins and running water), between Cooktown and Brisbane.

    Research indicates the majority of RV and Camping travellers are willing to pay a small fee, if the site includes basic facilities.

    The proposed fee introduction of $10 - $15 is charged per vehicle and will cover all individuals travelling within the vehicle.

    What if I don't have access to the internet to make a booking?

    Visitors without access to the internet can contact Council's customer service team on 13 48 10 and make bookings over the phone.

    Do the campers cost Council any extra if the parks are still maintained whether campers are there or not?

    Council parks are maintained all-year round for day-use visitors, however extra costs are incurred during the tourist season to cover the extra cleaning of toilets, dump points and rubbish bins. The proposed camping fee has been calculated to provide some cost recovery towards the ongoing maintenance costs attributed to camping.

    What if tired drivers are deterred from stopping because of the fee?

    There are several free Roadside Rest Areas situated on the Highway close to Townsville for travellers to take a short break to manage fatigue. These rest areas are provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR)