Who can participate?

    The only restriction to participating in the survey is that you must be 18 years or older. We want the survey to have a broad reach, so you do not have to be a current Townsville resident to contribute to the research. We are interested in people’s experience of living in Townsville, whether that is current, in the past, or possibly in the future.

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Territorians continue to contribute hugely to the Townsville population and its cultural richness. We want to understand their experiences and whether they have family who may have moved interstate.

    The Townsville is multicultural, and the diversity of overseas-born residents is increasing.  We are interested in knowing about their experience of Townsville, including overseas-born residents, tourists, temporary working visa holders, and international students. These growing communities add vibrancy to Townsville life, so we want to ask people what would encourage others from their countries to come and experience the Townsville.

    Why is the survey being conducted?

    Your responses to the survey questions will contribute to a report that will be used to inform the Townsville Cit Council initiatives and policies.

    When will the results be published?

    We expect to publish a report at the end 2019. A public version of the report will be available on the Council website.

    What if I have questions about the survey?

    You can contact the Principal - Inclusive Communities at Townsville City Council on 134 810.