Why does Townsville City Council need a new plan?

    In Queensland, Local Governments are required to produce a five-year corporate plan. The corporate plan is an important strategic document as it provides Council with clear direction when making decisions about budgets and resources.

    What does the plan do?

    The draft Corporate Plan sets a new long-term vision and goals for our city. The plan also outlines priorities for the next five years, helping Council decide on annual operations and budgets.

    How has the community helped to shape the draft plan to date?

    Council regularly consults with the Townsville community, and the plan has been developed based on what the community has told us is important. Community feedback from strategic planning and policy programs such as the Liveability Study were analysed to identify community views and values. Analysis revealed that some views have remained strong over the years. In addition, recent consultation with Councillors and key Council officers helped ensure community needs are addressed.

    What is in the draft plan?

    The draft plan includes a vision for Townsville: A globally connected community driven by lifestyle and nature. The plan also outlines our mission, goals, and key objectives.

    How can I let Council know what I think?

    The easiest way to let us know whether the plan reflects your vision and future hopes for Townsville is to read the plan (located in the Document Library) and complete the feedback form located on the main project page.

    What else will go into the plan?

    The finished plan will include revisions based on community feedback, and will also include information on Council’s strategic framework, elected members, city statistics, supporting strategies and services, how the community can contribute to achieving city goals, how we will measure performance, and statutory information on Council’s commercial business units.